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1stMOVER Relaunch 2021 – Always one step ahead for our customers

For twelve years 1stMOVER has been successful as a start-up developer and management consultancy - now it is time for the third relaunch. With this relaunch we want to meet current market trends and customer needs even better and position 1stMOVER optimally for further growth.

What is different at 1stMOVER? Lars Fiele has recently come on board as a partner, making him an experienced family entrepreneur, advisor and investor. We have also realigned our service offering for our clients: We focus on the development of new business areas, start-ups and entire ecosystems in the digital, new energy and high-tech sectors. Our specialty here is building open innovation networks and comprehensive start-up ecosystems in which we optimally position companies. And last but not least: Our website has received a comprehensive makeover.

Realignment of 1stMOVER:
The innovation consultancy for the drive and growth of your company

We have reorganized our range of services and focused on seven areas:

  1. Start-up and trend scouting
  2. Start-up accelerator programs
  3. M&A support
  4. Open innovation hubs & ecosystem building
  5. New Business Development
  6. Product Prototyping & Piloting
  7. Strategic Advisory & Advisory Board Activities

We have successful customer projects for all topics. Our competencies and contact networks in these seven service areas are thus fed by in-depth practical experience. This strengthens our unique position as a hands-on boutique consultancy with conceptual design and implementation support from a single source.

With the reorientation of 1stMOVER in the market, we are also positioning ourselves for further growth: To strengthen our team of consultants we are currently looking for (Senior) Consultants, who develop innovative business concepts for and with our customers with expertise and passion.

At the same time, the pre-seed investment fund of our Beteiligungen-KG expired after eight years, so that we can now devote ourselves 100 percent to the innovation and new business projects of our customers.

From twelve start-up projects that we have built up on our own, as VC financiers or in a mixed form, we take a lot of experience and contacts with us into our consulting business. And we remain connected to the start-up world as scout, matchmaker and potential investor on behalf of companies.

Partner change: Goodbye Martin, welcome Lars

After seven years we say goodbye to our highly appreciated partner Martin Schneppe into a well-deserved (in)retirement and welcome as his successor and new 1stMOVER partner Lars Fiele.

Martin Schneppe has provided outstanding impulses in our start-up and consulting projects with his know-how as former head of Nokia's R&D center in Düsseldorf.

Martin Schneppe
Martin Schneppe
Lars Fiele
Lars Fiele

We expect no less from our new partner Lars Fiele, who combines three worlds in one person: he is a family entrepreneur and ex-manager, a management consultant and a start-up investor.


With his diverse know-how from these three roles, as well as his extensive network as a WHU graduate and as chairman of the Young Business Council NRW, Lars Fiele will enrich the innovation and new business projects of our consulting clients with immediate effect.

Lars, a very warm welcome to the 1stMOVER leadership team.

New 1stMOVER-Specialty: Open Innovation Networks

When we were commissioned to set up and operate the Digital Innovation Hub Düsseldorf/Rheinland GmbH in 2016, our partners and managing directors Peter Hornik and Klemens Gaida went deep into the world of open innovation networks and start-up ecosystems.

With innovative matchmaking formats, tailored startup acceleration programs, targeted think tank studies and NRW joint projects, they continue to provide momentum to the digital and startup scene in Düsseldorf/Rhineland to this day.

Digital Innovation Hub Düsseldorf/Rheinland GmbH H2UB

Based on the digihub success model, a second Open Innovation Hub was designed and built in 2020 specifically for the new hydrogen market, or H2UB. Here, too, the focus is on market activation through start-up funding and new, market-opening innovation initiatives by companies, research institutions and start-ups.

Other Open Innovation Hubs for future growth markets may follow, e.g., for climate protection/sustainability, quantum computing, semiconductors/microelectronics, and new space.

Eine kurze Geschichte von 1stMOVER

1stMOVER Homepage 2009
1stMOVER Homepage 2009
Figurative mark application 2009
Figurative mark application 2009

When markets and customers change, consulting companies should always be one step ahead - this is of course also our ambition at 1stMOVER.

What was initially started in 2009 by Klemens Gaida as a sole proprietorship with a focus on ICT (information and communications technology) transformed in 2012 with the new, second Managing Director Peter Hornik into a start-up incubator with Management GmbH und Beteiligungen KG focusing on mobile Internet.

1stMOVER Homepage 2012
1stMOVER Homepage 2012

Decisive for this step was also the entry of Ralf Lauterbach as another shareholder of 1stMOVER. With his former company, Appseleration GmbH, Ralf provided the necessary infrastructure for 1stMOVER as a mobile internet incubator.

After Martin Schneppe joined the company as another shareholder and partner in 2013 and 1stMOVER moved to the co-working space STARTPLATZ in Düsseldorf's Medienhafen in 2015, the second major realignment of 1stMOVER took place.

From 2015 onwards, we have again explicitly placed the consulting business as a second pillar alongside the development of new start-ups and expanded the focus from mobile to digital.

1stMOVER Homepage 2015
1stMOVER Homepage 2015

With the 2021 relaunch and our new partner Lars Fiele, we are ending the development and financing of our own start-ups and are now fully focused on our consulting clients for building new business areas, start-ups and entire ecosystems in the digital, new energy and high-tech sectors.

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